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Solar job training in Marion, IL

Photo courtesy of KFSV-12 news

Thanks to the Future Energy Jobs Act, solar job training is thriving in Marion, Illinois.

Partnering with Elevate Energy, GRID Alternatives, Another Energizing Solar Installation and Advanced Energy Solutions, Williamson County’s Habitat for Humanity recruited 10 trainees from Lutheran Social Services to get a head start on some of the first solar panel installations in the state.

After eight weeks of training, instructors and trainees completed a 19-panel installation on a Habitat for Humanity home. They even finished a day earlier than expected and held a dedication on June 13.

Not only did the trainees learn all about solar panels, but they gained knowledge on the future of clean energy.

Lutheran Social Services provides necessary job training for people who have a hard time finding employment. The demand for solar knowledge is increasing as we move toward a future of clean energy. This experience will help the trainees not only be able to find work, but keep it!

Be sure to check out CUB’s fact sheets on the Future Energy Jobs Act and Community Solar in Illinois.