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Latest CUB research good news for EV drivers

Dave Kolata, CUB executive director

The World Electric Vehicle Journal recently published CUB’s paper on electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Researched and written by CUB Executive Director Dave Kolata and Director of Research Jeff Zethmayr, Charge for Less: An Analysis of Hourly Electricity Pricing for Electric Vehicles compares what customers of Illinois utility Commonwealth Edison would have paid in 2016 and 2017 to charge their electric vehicle under average rates compared to the utility’s hourly pricing program.

CUB’s research found that EV drivers on hourly pricing would save 52-59% on their energy costs.

Jeff Zethmayr, CUB director of research, with his daughter

Here’s a snippet:

By motivating EV owners to charge their vehicles when power supply exceeds demand, dynamic pricing can improve system load shape and capacity utilization, reduce consumer costs, and cut pollution. Particularly in states that have deployed smart meters, implementing that simple policy option can make EVs a substantial source of system benefit, even for those who don’t drive or own an EV.

To read the full paper, click here.

Whether we’re publishing a paper, holding a utility bill clinic, or fighting a rate hike, CUB’s goal is always to save utility customers money. In 2019, we’re celebrating our 35th anniversary of fighting for consumers. As we continue that fight, please consider becoming a CUB member today.