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CUB research

CUB analysis connects high power bills to dependence on fossil fuels

In a nationwide analysis of 2020 and 2021 data reported by electric utilities, CUB found that the country’s most expensive power bills tend to be concentrated in states with the largest share of energy harnessed from coal, oil and natural gas. Consumers in the northeastern and southeastern regions of the…...

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Climate change could raise electric bills by $10.9 billion, CUB research says

Climate change will cause ComEd customers to pay an additional $10.9 billion on their electric bills over the next 30 years, a new CUB study shows. The research proves a point that CUB has long made: Climate change is bad for consumers’ bottom lines. It also underscores the importance of…...

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How electric vehicles could cut your power bill, even if you don’t drive

The surging popularity of electric vehicles on American roads could actually lower power bills for all electric consumers, even those who don’t own cars, a new CUB study found. The key is for policymakers to adopt key measures necessary to manage how EVs get charged. The study, Charging Ahead: Deriving…...

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Latest CUB research good news for EV drivers

The World Electric Vehicle Journal recently published CUB’s paper on electric vehicle (EV) charging. Researched and written by CUB Executive Director Dave Kolata and Director of Research Jeff Zethmayr, Charge for Less: An Analysis of Hourly Electricity Pricing for Electric Vehicles compares what customers of Illinois utility Commonwealth Edison would have paid in…...

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