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Net neutrality passes House…what’s next?

Roughly 83% of Americans across a broad political spectrum support net neutrality: the idea that Big Telecom/Cable shouldn’t have a say in how you use the Internet you pay for.

Yet since the Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality in December 2017, independent research has shown that Internet service providers have been quietly abandoning their promises to respect those consumer protections.

Some companies are slowing down sites like YouTube. Some charge extra for high-definition streams, and some offer Internet plans that favor companies they’re affiliated with.

In the most extreme example, a fire department had its “unlimited” plan throttled as it battled wildfires.

“These new practices are just ISPs sticking a toe in the water,” three U.S. representatives said on the anniversary of the repeal.

But there’s new legislation to bring net neutrality back, and make it law: The Save the Internet Act. The measure passed the House last week, but faces an uphill battle in the Senate and a promised veto from the White House.

Consumers have made it clear: Net neutrality is essential. Tell President Trump to listen to American consumers and support the Save the Internet Act!