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Today: He’s MATCHING Donations

Exciting news: A generous, longtime CUB member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered to donate $1,000 TODAY to match your contribution. So today your year-end, tax-deductible contribution can be twice as powerful! Why is he being so generous? He told us in an email: “With profit-mongering big energy companies threatening to cost consumers…...

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Generous CUB supporters are matching your donations

This week, some generous CUB supporters are matching your donations. So giving $10 is more like giving $20! Two major cases could raise our electric bills: The White House is considering an unprecedented 2-year bailout of failing coal plants—a drastic move that could cost consumers billions of dollars. Giant power…...

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“Because I love how CUB saves people money”

Occasionally this year, a generous CUB member has been nice enough to match your donations. Recently, we asked him why, and his answer was simple: “Because I love how CUB saves people money.” To spark our fall campaign, this anonymous contributor has again generously offered to match every donation this…...

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