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“Because I love how CUB saves people money”


Occasionally this year, a generous CUB member has been nice enough to match your donations. Recently, we asked him why, and his answer was simple:

“Because I love how CUB saves people money.”

To spark our fall campaign, this anonymous contributor has again generously offered to match every donation this week, up to $1,000. That’s a huge help, given what we’re up against this fall:

*Exelon rate-hike legislation that could increase power bills across Illinois by $1.6 billion.

*Ameren’s proposed electric and gas rate hikes that total $150 million.

*We’re fighting ComEd to cut rates by more than $55 million on Jan. 1.

*Plus, CUB’s outreach team is trying to find the resources to hold 50 more free events to protect seniors and families from electric and gas rip-offs. (We’ve already held 425 in 2015!)

Please, join the CUB team to fight for a better Illinois!