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Oh well, we didn’t need that $12 billion anyway

On Earth Day, we want to alert you that the Energy Department wants to reverse a plan to improve light bulb efficiency standards.

And that could lose the average household about $100 a year in savings.

President George W. Bush originally strengthened bulb efficiency standards. It was a bright idea that saved consumers billions.

And the plan was to extend those standards to more types of bulbs, saving consumers another $12 billion. That is, until the current Administration, pushed by industry groups, decided to reverse that decision.

That’s a bad idea….Energy efficiency is good for the planet, and it cuts our utility bills!

So here’s another way you can celebrate Earth Day: Urge the White House to stop weakening light bulb efficiency standards.  

P.S. Reminder: A generous Illinois family is matching donations in April. On Earth Day, you can be twice as powerful fighting for clean energy and lower utility bills. This is a great opportunity to make a difference on a great day!