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Earth Day

CUB’s 5 ways to mark Earth Week (and any week!)

In this week leading up to Earth Day, on Saturday April 22, we’ve rounded up a list of five ways you can mark the moment, with the help of CUB resources. This year’s Earth Day theme is “Invest in our Planet,” which fits nicely with CUB’s message that clean energy…...

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Take the Earth Day Pledge, You Could Win an Energy Efficiency Kit

Earth Day is Thursday, April 22, but we know the battle for a cleaner, healthier environment can’t be limited to one day a year. The fight for the planet takes place in homes across the world every day.  For some, helping the environment might look like practicing energy efficiency, conserving…...

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We have a winner: CUB’s Earth Day giveaway

Congratulations to the winner of CUB’s Earth Day giveaway: Bernadet of Naperville! She will be receiving a Nest smart thermostat, allowing her to control her home’s temperature from anywhere with her smartphone or tablet, and save on her electric bill. Smart thermostats are a great way to make your home…...

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Last chance: Win a free smart thermostat!

Some important notes on the last day of the month: 1) Don’t forget! CUB is giving away a free smart thermostat, but you need to enter before midnight tonight to be eligible. Click here for a chance to win a free Nest or Ecobee thermostat! 2) If you’re a ComEd…...

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Oh well, we didn’t need that $12 billion anyway

On Earth Day, we want to alert you that the Energy Department wants to reverse a plan to improve light bulb efficiency standards. And that could lose the average household about $100 a year in savings. President George W. Bush originally strengthened bulb efficiency standards. It was a bright idea that saved…...

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Earth Day tips to help you go green and save green

On Earth Day, it’s a good time to evaluate how you can be more energy-efficient. At CUB, we believe energy efficiency not only helps the environment, but also can help save you money. Here are some quick tasks you can do this Earth Day that can save some green for the…...

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