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CUB giveaways

Clean Energy Quiz winner announced

Congratulations to Chad of Bloomington for winning CUB’s Clean Energy Quiz Giveaway. He was randomly selected to win $100! Thank you to everyone who took our quiz. Here are the answers: 1. What type of energy is the cleanest energy?  A) Solar energy B) Natural gas C) Wind energy D)…...

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She won $100—and then donated it back to CUB!

An Illinois consumer has given CUB’s staff a lesson in kindness.  Recently, CUB hosted a giveaway with a top prize of $100 off your next utility bill for answering our poll question: “My most expensive utility bill is…” When the poll closed last Saturday, we randomly selected one winner: Laurie…...

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Home Heating quiz winner no stranger to energy efficiency 

Congrats to Joel of Evanston! He was randomly selected to win a free CUB energy efficiency kit out of more than 1,000 people who took CUB’s Home Heating Quiz. Joel has won two LED light bulbs, a Kill A Watt electricity-usage monitor, a smart power strip, and an insulated CUB…...

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We have a winner: CUB’s Earth Day giveaway

Congratulations to the winner of CUB’s Earth Day giveaway: Bernadet of Naperville! She will be receiving a Nest smart thermostat, allowing her to control her home’s temperature from anywhere with her smartphone or tablet, and save on her electric bill. Smart thermostats are a great way to make your home…...

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