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Hourly Pricing

Q&A: Hourly Pricing and price spikes

What is ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program? Under traditional rates, people pay a flat amount for electricity supply that changes only a few times a year.  Hourly Pricing is an alternative pricing plan in which participants pay a supply rate that is subject to more immediate market conditions and can change…...

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ComEd’s Hourly Pricing: How to calculate the customer capacity charge

Want to know your capacity charge before signing up for ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program? Here’s how to calculate it: 1. Go to this page:  https://secure.comed.com/MyAccount/MyService/Pages/UsageDataTool.aspx, choose “View Summary Data Online,” and “Add” the individual’s ComEd account number. 2. Click “View Usage Data” and it’ll take you to a results screen showing vital…...

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Help the environment and cut your costs with ComEd’s Time-of-Day pricing program

With the introduction of smart meters across Illinois, consumers have more options when it comes to how they use and pay for electricity. ComEd’s new Time-of-Day Pricing Program—which charges different electric rates during different periods of the day—is one such option. So how does the Time-of-Day program work? Most customers…...

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Real-Time Pricing: Another way to save–just ask CUB staffers

Most people pay an electricity rate that only changes a few times a year, but real-time pricing offers a different way to pay for electricity. Instead of charging a standard price per kilowatt-hour, the utility charges program participants a supply rate that changes each hour.  ComEd offers real-time pricing through…...

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Home Heating quiz winner no stranger to energy efficiency 

Congrats to Joel of Evanston! He was randomly selected to win a free CUB energy efficiency kit out of more than 1,000 people who took CUB’s Home Heating Quiz. Joel has won two LED light bulbs, a Kill A Watt electricity-usage monitor, a smart power strip, and an insulated CUB…...

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Win for consumers and energy innovation: IL launches dynamic-pricing pilots

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the watchdog Citizens Utility Board (CUB) praised Illinois regulators for two major rulings this fall that launch innovative dynamic-pricing pilot projects for customers of the state’s biggest electric utility. The projects place Illinois among the leading states for developing clean energy tools that empower customers…...

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