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CUB Q&A: Why did real-time prices get so high for a few days after the winter storm?

In the wake of the snowstorm that brought subzero temperatures and up to a foot of snow to parts of Illinois, CUB received several calls from consumers complaining about high prices they were paying for a special program in which electricity rates can change by the hour. CUB is a…...

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Help the environment and cut your costs with ComEd’s Time-of-Day pricing program

With the introduction of smart meters across Illinois, consumers have more options when it comes to how they use and pay for electricity. ComEd’s new Time-of-Day Pricing Program—which charges different electric rates during different periods of the day—is one such option. So how does the Time-of-Day program work? Most customers…...

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ICC OKs new ComEd pilot program, giving electric customers more money-saving choices

Customers of Illinois’ largest electric utility are one step closer to enjoying another program to help them save money and lower their reliance on dirty sources of power: “Time-of-use” (TOU) pricing. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) have been pressing for this innovative program for more…...

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