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CUB prize winner practices efficiency for the savings–but even more for the planet

Congratulations to Jim of Berwyn for winning CUB’s Money Saving Programs survey giveaway Jim was randomly selected out of over 300 entries to win $100 off his utility bills. 

With energy prices rising dramatically, CUB was interested in learning more about how consumers participate in the programs offered by utility companies that can help you save money and energy. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

Here’s what Jim said about his experience with ComEd’s Air Conditioning Cycling Program: 

AC Cycling is great…Last summer, with net metering and AC cycling, my bills were only $5 for the four summer months.”

Jim also told us about his commitment to fighting climate change through energy efficiency: 

“One of my first priorities in doing anything is energy efficiency. We have one world to live in and I try to do what I can to help preserve that world. Important to both pocketbook and the environment, but the environment is primary to me.”

Below you will find some of the energy efficiency programs listed to assist you as we enter an expensive summer for many Illinois consumers.

Saving Energy, Saving Money


Buildings with 3 or more residential units powered by Ameren are eligible for free energy-saving products, which may include LED light bulbs, smart thermostats and more. This program is available to multi-family properties, regardless of the income of the owner or occupants.

Ameren customers who meet income requirements based on household size qualify for a free home energy audit, which may include free energy-saving measures.

Ameren provides rebates on some energy efficient equipment and appliances, such as smart thermostats (sign up to receive a $100 coupon), heat pumps and air conditioners.


If you are a ComEd residential customer, you may be eligible for a free Home Energy Assessment. During the assessment, an Energy Advisor will do a walk-through of your home, finding ways to make it more energy efficient. Virtual home assessments are also available. Multi-family property owners/managers can schedule their assessment here. 

ComEd also offers programs specifically for income qualified single-family and multi-family property owners. You may qualify to receive free weatherization improvements and free installation of energy-saving products.

ComEd offers rebates for qualifying energy-efficient appliances, home products and heating and cooling equipment. Note: ComEd’s Marketplace allows you to buy energy-saving products on the spot. 

Reducing Demand, Reducing Your Bills

  • Peak Time Programs

Both ComEd and Ameren offer programs that credit customers for reducing electricity use during certain “peak” times, usually hot summer afternoons when electricity demand is highest. CUB supports the program because it carries no cost and customers can earn money off their bill while helping to reduce stress on the grid. Ultimately, these programs can help reduce power prices for everyone, because they reduce demand. 

ComEd’s program is called Peak Time Savings and Ameren’s is called Peak Time Rewards.  

You can help reduce electricity demand – and earn automatic credits on your bill – by signing up for ComEd’s Central Air Conditioning Cycling Program (Central AC Cycling). To avoid putting strain on the grid, ComEd will give homeowners with central air conditioning a monthly credit ($5 or $10) on their bills from May through October. 

If you enroll in the program, you would authorize ComEd to remotely “cycle” your cooling on and off at peak times of energy usage across ComEd’s territory. Many customers say they don’t even notice a difference. Note: If you participate in this program, you cannot participate in Peak Time Savings.