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Take the Earth Day Pledge, You Could Win an Energy Efficiency Kit

Earth Day is Thursday, April 22, but we know the battle for a cleaner, healthier environment can’t be limited to one day a year. The fight for the planet takes place in homes across the world every day. 

For some, helping the environment might look like practicing energy efficiency, conserving water or growing your own produce. Others bike or walk to work. Some are vegetarians and compost at home. 

However you help the environment, we want to hear from you. Take our Earth Day pledge and tell us how you are celebrating Earth Day and fighting for clean, affordable energy 365 days a year. We’ll enter you in a giveaway for the chance to win an Earth Day Efficiency Kit, which includes:

  • Three LED bulbs. At 9 watts each, these LED bulbs use 85 percent less energy while providing as much light as a traditional 60 watt bulb. You get up to 15,000 hours of reliable light from one bulb, meaning you’ll spend less money on replacing burnt out bulbs.


  • A smart power strip. This device is an energy-saving surge protector. It saves you money on your electric bills by reducing standby power waste. Plug your central device (usually a TV or computer) into the dedicated control outlet and plug supporting devices (speakers, DVD player, monitor, etc.) into the “switched” outlets. The power strip senses whether the central device is either on, off or in a standby state, and automatically removes or restores power to the “switched” outlets based on the status of the control device.


  • A Kill-A-Watt. This handy device can help you identify which appliances in your home are costing you the most money. Simply plug the meter into the outlet and plug your appliance into the meter. The screen displays the number of kilowatts your appliance uses over an hour. Knowing which appliances suck up the most energy can help you cut your electric bills.

Take the pledge today and tell us how you care for the earth at home.

Take our Earth Day Pledge!