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Forreston resident wins Best Energy Efficiency Tips contest

Congratulations to Geraldine of Forreston, IL on winning our Best Energy Efficiency Tip contest! A long time CUB member, she was randomly selected out of several participants to win $100 off of her utility bills. Check out the winning entry:

“Use the air conditioner for brief periods (about 15 minutes at a time) and then use fans to help circulate the cool air. With cooler night temperatures in the summer, again use fans to stay comfortable while you sleep. “When outside is cooler, save money by not using your AC!”

Thanks to everyone who sent in their own energy efficiency tips. Here’s a list of just some of the entries we received from other CUB members: 

  1. “We line dry most of our laundry (except dress shirts) during the summer AND winter. This reduces our household greenhouse gas emissions by 6.67% year round!” –Sandra from Elgin 
  2. “Turn the thermostat down on the hot water tank when you go on vacation.” –Tom from Lyons (CUB note: See if your water heater has a “vacation setting.”)
  3. “Close your blinds on the East side of your home from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., on the South side from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and on the West side from 3:00 p.m. to sundown. This will help keep the house cooler.” –Billie from Midlothian  (CUB note: In general it’s a good idea to use blinds to block the hot sun during the summer. In the winter, open the blinds to help heat and light your home.)
  4. “If you don’t have a frost-free refrigerator or freezer, be sure to clean the heat exchange coils regularly and don’t let ice build up. Both will help save energy.” –Alan and Sigrid from Evanston
  5. “Try to run your dishwasher and washing machine mainly at night when energy demand is low.” –Larry from Lombard (CUB note: Such actions can save you money if you’re on the ComEd Hourly Pricing or Ameren Smart Pricing program.)
  6. “Take advantage of mature trees near your home. We haven’t had to run our A/C even during temperatures in the 90’s.” –Phyllis from Rockford
  7. “We get our furnace and air conditioning checked once per year and have the filters changed. In the winter, install weather stripping at doors and check the threshold for leaks.” –Harold from Glenwood
  8. “Close all closet doors so that the energy heats or cools the room(s), not the closets.” –Ann from Flossmoor