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CUB’s new money-saving kit

Below is a list of resources to help you protect yourself from scams, decode your electric bills and find ways to save.

  • Watch this video about identifying alternative supplier ripoffs on your bills: ComEd and Ameren.
  • Learn about the electric market and your options for electric supply: ComEd andAmeren.
  • Your utility’s demand response programs can save you money and benefit the environment: This WatchBlog article outlines the options available for Ameren and ComEd customers.
  • CUB’s Guide to Home Savings is full of tips to cut your costs. Many of these tricks are small changes you can make around your home.

These resources should get you started. If you would like your electric, gas and telecom bills analyzed by a CUB specialist, please send a copy of your bills to ubc@citizensutilityboard.org. Within 5 business days, a CUB staffer will contact you to arrange an appointment for your review. If you are facing an emergency billing situation, please call CUB’s hotline at 1-800-669-5556.