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Natural gas takes the cake for worst bill

We received nearly 400 responses to our poll on the most expensive utility bill, and, unsurprisingly, natural gas takes the cake for the most dreaded bill, with 173 votes. Here’s what some consumers had to say about their gas bills:

This natural gas bill seems to be the only one that I have very limited control over. Short of wearing heavy clothes indoors and putting up with cracking plaster and cooler washing/bathing temps. I find that there’s little I can do.” –Thomas F.

My bill has practically doubled since last winter.” –Linda H. 

This past month my Ameren Illinois bill was $407.00.  My electric and gas bills are billed together.  I am afraid to see what my bill will be this month. I have even closed off rooms in my house and am not even heating them and my bill was still so high.” –Rebecca H.

Utility Natural Gas Cable/TV Electric Internet Telecom Water
Votes 173 91 88 14 13 13

(CUB note: If you’re concerned about your energy bills, please visit CUBHelpCenter.com and CUB’s Clean Energy page for efficiency tips.) 

In a distant second place was cable/TV with 91 votes, just edging out power bills. Here’s what Scott L. said about his cable bill, It just seems like the bill goes up every month. When I complain they come up with some way to cut the cost. Why do I have to complain to get a better price? I have been their customer for over 30 years, I would think they would take that into consideration. 

Many consumers noted all of the extra fees that add to their climbing bills. Judy S. said, “We enjoy cable TV but the cost is ridiculous.  We don’t even have prime programming but the so-called municipal fees and additional charges etc. are a joke since they are not part of the package but added on after the fact and add $100 to the bill.  We are seniors and TV is our entertainment.” (Check out CUB’s Guide to Cutting Your TV Costs for more tips on saving on your cable bill.)

Electric bills came in third with 88 total votes. Eva W. wrote, “It keeps going up up up to the sky.

Internet, water and telecom bills rounded out the poll with 14, 13 and 13 votes, respectively. 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to let us know about their most expensive utility, it helps us understand what Illinois consumers are going through.

Remember, CUBHelpCenter.com is available to Illinois consumers and provides resources to help manage your electric and gas bills.