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CUB helps Sugar Grove couple secure a solar victory

We wish you a Happy Earth Day. It’s the perfect day to share this story about a victory in helping people secure clean and affordable energy in Illinois:

Becky and Mike just wanted to install solar panels, but a local ordinance banning panels on front- or street-facing roofs threatened to block 20 percent of their project, and an estimated $10,000 in potential savings.

The Sugar Grove couple didn’t give up–they got to work. They paid $765 to file a petition to change the local zoning code, and spent about eight months researching solar law, attending public meetings and sparking other solar supporters to send letters urging the village board to change the rule.

And on a recent night in Sugar Grove, it all paid off–the Village Board voted to change the code! Scott Allen, CUB’s renewable energy policy coordinator, spoke in support of Becky and Mike on TV and at the village meeting. “Everybody take note that organizing, and showing up and talking to your elected officials works,” Scott said in a celebratory video filmed with Becky and Mike after the meeting.

Kudos to you, Becky and Mike. And thanks to all of you who support CUB’s advocacy. We’ve got a lot of work to do to make sure everyone has access to clean and affordable energy–but stories like this give us hope.

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