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40th anniversary

Marking 40 Years of Consumer Advocacy and $20 Billion in Savings, CUB Plans Year of Events To Help Illinois Consumers Protect Themselves Against Biggest Threats to Utility Bills In 2024

The Citizens Utility Board (CUB), a consumer group that has helped save Illinois utility customers more than $20 billion, is marking its 40th anniversary by traveling the state to give consumers money-saving tips and warn people about the worst threats to their utility bills in 2024.  CUB’s 40th Anniversary Utility…...

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In 2024, CUB celebrates 40 years of fighting for consumers

Remember how bad it was before the Citizens Utility Board (CUB)? It was the spring of 1983, and Gov.  “Big Jim” Thompson was in a packed theater in southern Illinois pitching a tax increase—but people were more interested in what he would do about utility bills. What he said sparked…...

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