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Keep those annoying telemarketers in line!

Ever been bothered by obnoxious telemarketing calls?  (I don’t know how it happens, but it seems like telemarketers have a sixth sense for knowing when you’ve sat down for family dinner!) Now’s your chance to act: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) introduced the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) in 1995 to prevent abusive telemarketing…...

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Tele-frustrating! Illinois tops nation in telemarketing complaints

A decade after the federal government created the Do Not Call list to combat telemarketing calls, Illinois has the nation’s worst complaint rate for people who are on the list but still get annoying phone pitches, USA Today reports. Tuesday’s report was just the latest development this week in Illinois’…...

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Kick “cramming” off our wireless bills!

Fraudulent third-party charges could cost wireless customers up to $887 million a year. That’s according to a nationwide coalition of consumer advocates, including CUB, who are pushing federal regulators to adopt tough rules cracking down on the “cramming” scam. Cramming is when a third-party company places a charge on your…...

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