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Energy report: What’s your gas utility charging?

As we approach the heart of the winter heating season, here’s a summary of what Illinois’ major utilities are charging for natural gas right now, compared with last November: Ameren Zone 1 (Formerly AmerenCIPS): 53.482 cents per therm (November 2012: 64.76 cents per therm) Ameren Zone 2 (Formerly AmerenCILCO): 53.673 cents…...

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Exposed: Lies about your gas bill!

Over 30 years of consumer advocacy, CUB has heard a lot of misinformation about utility service–yep, some real doozies! As winter approaches, here’s our list of the top 5 myths about your gas bill. Myth No. 1: There’s nothing you can do to cut your energy bills. CUB’s free online tool,…...

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