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pipe replacement

Statement: CUB applauds ICC for holding the line on Peoples Gas, as regulators thwart utility’s renewed bid for inflated spending on pipe-replacement

CHICAGO—Last November, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) reduced Peoples Gas’ proposed rate hike by about $100 million and ordered the utility  to pause its controversial and financially bloated pipe-replacement program – known as  the System Modernization Program (SMP) – pending further review to determine whether it could substantiate the need…...

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CUB slams irresponsible Peoples Gas motion

The following is a statement from Citizens Utility Board (CUB) Executive Director Sarah Moskowitz reacting to a motion filed by Peoples Gas today seeking to get permission from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to claw back $134 million of disallowed funding for its pipeline-replacement program in 2024. If approved, this…...

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News Release: Proposed State Law Aims to Quash Spending Abuses by Peoples Gas in Bloated Pipe Replacement Program

A new bill pending in the Illinois General Assembly would eliminate the mechanism Peoples Gas has used to bankroll a pipe-replacement program widely decried for its rampantly escalating cost estimates and chronic waste and mismanagement. The proposed measure, championed by AARP Illinois, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), and Illinois PIRG,…...

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ICC to launch Peoples investigation

Today, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) announced plans to investigate an expensive Peoples Gas’ pipe replacement program. Projected costs for the program have reportedly ballooned to $4.6 billion over the past five years and could cause YOUR rates to double in the next decade. CUB wants to thank the ICC for taking a stand…...

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Peoples disaster = Higher gas rates?

The Peoples Gas pipe replacement program is shaping up to be the biggest train wreck of 2015. Projected costs have reportedly doubled—to $4.6 billion—in five years. That could cause our gas rates to double over the next decade! Peoples had previously accelerated its schedule to replace 1,700 miles of aging pipes under the…...

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