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summer tips

Tips for fighting high summer electric bills in this heat wave

Temperatures are rising as a heat wave sets in for Illinois, one of the increasingly common results of climate change. A CUB study found climate change will cause ComEd customers to pay an additional $10.9 billion on their electric bills over the next 30 years. You might be fretting about…...

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Beat the Heat with Summer Safety Tips

The best energy efficiency is energy efficiency practiced safely.   Temperature Safety: Don’t keep your home too hot or too cold to save money– never set the thermostat at a temperature that threatens your health. Efficiency is all about safety and comfort.  Set your thermostat from 76 to 78 degrees for…...

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Summer tips on staying cool and safe, without breaking the bank

Summer weather is upon us. Heating and cooling costs account for 50 percent of a home’s energy bills, according to the Department of Energy.  Stay safe, cool and energy efficient. Be safe. Raising your thermostat by a few degrees and using a ceiling fan can lower air conditioning costs over…...

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