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She saves big with a CUB-created Consumer’s Choice plan

Myrna Orenstein cut $75 off her monthly phone bill with CUB's help.

Myrna Orenstein cut $75 off her monthly phone bill with CUB’s help.

One of the major consumer victories of the year was defeating AT&T when the phone giant tried to get rid of the CUB-created Consumer’s Choice plans–low-cost local calling plans it is required by law to offer.

CUB has proven time and time again that these plans are necessary for consumers–consumers like Myrna Orenstein, an Evanston resident who is saving $75 a month after making the switch.

Myrna, who holds a Ph.D. and uses it to help people who have learning disabilities, called CUB when she became frustrated with her rising phone costs. CUB consumer counselor Annette Evans worked with Myrna to show her how to cut out services she didn’t need from her bloated phone and TV bundle, and switch to the Consumer’s Choice plans.

In return, Myrna donated two months of her phone bill savings (and then some!) to CUB. “I was delighted to donate the savings, because [AT&T] made me so mad, and CUB really helped,” she said.

The Consumer’s Choice plans, which start at $3.05 per month, are not only required by law, but their rates are frozen at least until June 2015. CUB plans to keep fighting to protect them!