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Aurora mom uses CUB Energy Saver to slash power bills

Yumeaka Jackson of Aurora used our free energy efficiency tool, CUBenergysaver.com, to save $350 on her electric bills.

Yumeaka Jackson of Aurora used our free energy efficiency tool, CUBenergysaver.com, to save $350 on her electric bills.

Like many of the 25,000 CUB Energy Saver users, Yumeaka Jackson turned to the online efficiency tool because of bill shock. “My light bill skyrocketed,” said the Aurora mother of two who works in the insurance industry.

But thanks to a CUB Energy Saver contest she entered, Yumeaka saved 3,413 kilowatt-hours and $350 of electricity over six months—and an estimated 5,118 pounds of carbon pollution. Even better, her progress took top honors in the contest to win six months of free electricity, up to $900.  

“I would definitely recommend this website to my friends and family,” said the happy winner.  

CUB Energy Saver has sponsored many energy-saving contests throughout Illinois to help consumers cut costs. But you don’t have to be part of a contest to use the tool. It’s filled with hundreds of simple actions people can take to cut their electric and natural gas bills.

What makes CUB Energy Saver unique in the nation is that it allows users to connect to their ComEd accounts so it can track exact electricity and money savings. The service sends participants a monthly email updating them on how much energy they have saved, and it awards users two points for each kilowatt-hour saved. Those points can be redeemed for discounts at stores like Sears, Abt, and Butcher & the Burger, one of Chicago’s most popular burger joints.

But Yumeaka says cutting costs in her three-bedroom townhouse was the biggest motivator. She dived into the task, using CUB Energy Saver as her guide:

-Install Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs? Check!

-Wash clothes in cold water, instead of hot? Check!

-Replace the water heater and lower the temperature setting? Check!

Even her kids got into it, with simple actions, like turning off the TV at night, shutting off the water when brushing their teeth, and turning off lights in their bedrooms.

As a result of this family effort, Yumeaka cut her ComEd bill in half. In the wake of her big win,  Yumeaka said she had no idea “how wasteful I was,” but there was an even bigger lesson CUB Energy Saver taught her:

“The simple things I did made a big impact.”

Join CUB Energy Saver today to make an impact!