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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Just when we thought we were out of the woods, another record-breaking arctic blast has taken the country hostage. We know many of you are dreading your impending utility bills, so before it’s too late, find out how to cut costs and avoid the polar vortex punch.

First, join CUB Energy Saver, our free online tool that has saved users an average of $100 per year on energy bills. With CUB Energy Saver, you can build a money-saving energy plan customized for your home. The service is a wealth of energy-saving tips, and you can even earn rewards for saving kilowatts!

Next, follow these useful tips to survive and save during the frigid temps:

Be safe. Don’t set your thermostat lower than 66 degrees, and never use your oven to heat your home. Place space heaters on hard level surfaces, keeping them away from flammable objects. Don’t leave them on overnight. Check on neighbors to make sure they’re staying warm and safe.

Don’t overwork your heating system. Concentrate on keeping comfortable the rooms you use the most. Close doors to other rooms. Close blinds as an extra layer of protection against icy night winds, but open them during the day so sunlight can help heat your home.

Reduce drafts. If you don’t have material to seal leaks in your home, you can improvise. For example, use a rolled-up towel to seal off the front and back doors. Have a fireplace? Close the damper after you’re done using it, so warm air doesn’t escape out the chimney.

Clear radiators, registers, air returns and baseboards of obstructions. Dust, carpet and furniture can block the heat and leave a room chilly. You can’t heat your home if the air isn’t circulating.

Clean or replace filters for a forced-air heating system. A dirty or non-functioning filter does nothing but drain money out of your wallet. Check it every month—and now is a great time to clean or replace it if it’s dirty.

Circulate the heat with the help of a ceiling fan. In the winter, run the fan clockwise (from your position, looking up at it) to pull warm air down from the ceiling. Turn off the fan when you leave the room.

Hope these help soften the blow of your bills! Stay warm, everyone, and be safe!