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Support or Scam?

20140409_MicrosoftScam_fbThink twice before you answer any calls from people claiming to be “customer support.”  They could be trying to scam you!

In our recent scam alert survey, respondents alerted us to some new and nasty cons making the rounds.  We want to give consumers a heads-up about one deception that came up frequently:

In this phone scam, someone calls your home pretending to be from Microsoft’s technical support team.  The person tells you that your computer is infected with a virus or that someone is trying to access your computer from a different IP address.  They insist that you immediately give them remote access to your computer’s hard drive to fix the problem.  If you follow their directions, however, they lock your computer, infect it with a virus, or wipe out your hard drive–and demand that you pay them in order to restore your access.

Don’t be duped!  Microsoft will never call you at your home for customer support unless you call them first.  If you get a call, the best thing to do is hang up.

Spread the word about this scam and email us with any hot scam tips.