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CUB consumer advocates 2, big cable 0

Comcast has been receiving a lot of flack for its less-than-stellar customer service calls.  It’s unfortunately no surprise to the members of CUB’s consumer advocacy team, who know a thing or two  about dealing with unruly cable/Internet customer service.

Take the case of Tony R.:

Tony’s father, Robert, had switched to Comcast Digital Voice and says he was promised that his existing number would be switched to the new service within a few days.  But after three weeks, nothing happened!  Fortunately, Tony and Robert called CUB to have the issue resolved quickly and efficiently.  CUB staffer Annette was put on the case and within days, Robert finally had his number switched.

“They fixed our problem,” Tony wrote to Annette in an email. “After weeks of calling and dozens of hours on hold, we got nowhere until we called you. Thanks a million!!!!”

Then there’s Penelope S.:

She and her son signed up for identical Comcast Internet/phone bundles.  Her son received a bill for $108, which was what they had expected from the sales pitch they received. Penelope’s bill, however, was more than twice that amount–for the same package!

After numerous calls to Comcast, several disconnected calls, and five different refusals to honor the offer, Penelope says she was offered a $30 discount from the company, along with a “That’s the best we can do” excuse. She tried to cancel  her service twice thereafter, but was discouraged by big wait times and dropped calls.

Finally, she called CUB to intervene.  This time, CUB’s veteran Director of Consumer Advocacy, Sandra, was the hero. With Sandra’s advocacy, Comcast finally called the customer back to refund what she had overpaid for her plan and cover her installation fees.

“This has been solved and rectified!” Penelope wrote in an email to CUB. “Thank you for your assistance with this.”

With such cable headaches, it’s no wonder Comcast was voted the worst company in a recent CUB survey.  Luckily, CUB has a dedicated staff of individuals ready to fight the big guys for you!  If you are having trouble with a utility or cable company, call our Consumer Hotline at 1-800-669-5556.