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Giving TuesdayRight now, you’re probably busy preparing for the big Thanksgiving meal, not to mention the craziest shopping day of the year.

During these hectic times, CUB staff is working around the clock to block rate hikes and secure refunds for Illinois consumers.  We’re going up against a lot in 2015 ($1.5 billion in potential rate-hike fights!) and we don’t have a minute to lose.

Knowing we have dedicated, loyal supporters keeps us motivated to stick it out in the trenches and keep fighting for Illinois consumers.  We couldn’t do it without you, so in honor of Giving Tuesday–the international day dedicated to giving back– we want to offer you a special gift.

If you donate $10 or more on or before December 2, you’ll receive a reusable shopping tote commemorating our 30th anniversary. It’s a great way to go green– and support CUB!

On Tuesday, December 2, people around the globe will come together to celebrate generosity.  After the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, Giving Tuesday– now in its third year– is a gentle reminder to help others during the holiday season.

CUB’s advocacy and outreach staff are no strangers to lending a helping hand.  Our small, dedicated team hosted more than 500 money-saving events in 2014, fielded thousands of calls, and saved consumers more than $60,000 on their bills.

Here are a few examples of how CUB helped consumers in 2014:

  • Theresia of Wood Dale, learned how to save $637.20 a year on her bills at a utility bill clinic
  • Consumer Rights Advocate Annette helped Tony R. wrestle with Comcast to switch his father’s phone service.  “Unlike Comcast, which was just telling us what we wanted to hear, CUB actually took care of it,” Metke said. “(Annette was) courteous, responsive and confident.”
  • CUB’s Community Service Liaison, Aimee, taught Sharon how to cut her power bills with energy efficiency tips, and showed the Chicagoan how to save $68.87 on her electric bills by switching energy suppliers.
  • Ale saved $528 a year by practicing energy efficiency tips given to her through CUB’s free online tool, CUB Energy Saver.  “My pockets are very thankful for all the tips,” Ale said.
  • Consumer Advocate Danielle helped 87-year-old retiree Joseph G. settle a $1,500 billing mistake (the company had been charging the Chicagoan for three years of service in a home he didn’t live in!).  “It’s a relief to know that someone’s there to help you,” Joseph said.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, help us continue our mission to save Illinois consumers money.   Whatever you can give is another dollar closer to CUB hosting a money-saving event, launching a new free online tool, fighting big rate-hikes and helping consumers navigate utility options.

Please, consider donating today.

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