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CUB Action Network members give good advice!

20150505_Scams_blogLast week, CUB alerted consumers to the latest cons and rip-offs in Illinois.  We then asked you to share if you’ve heard about any other scams. Hundreds of CUB Action Network members spoke up, and we wanted to share some of the most common responses.

Home Repair scams

“Hail Storm has brought out both mailings and door-to-door individuals asking to go up on your roof to inspect for hail damage. You are inviting people to trample on your roof, ‘find’ evidence of damage/potential-damage and will possibly be left with repairs that are sub-standard or unnecessary and with less money.” — Matthew Z.

Publisher’s Clearing House

“I have received several phone calls purporting to be from the Publishers’ Clearing House, stating that I have won the second prize of $1,000,000 and a lifetime amount of $5,000 per week. They said I needed to pay a fee of $368 to cover the expense of having my prize corroborated by the Federal and State governments to prove that my prize was a valid prize! And they also wanted a bunch of info to prove that I was the person they were supposed to be giving the prize to. Also that an attorney was waiting to come to my house to hand the prize to me. What a bunch of BS! I may be 77 yrs. old, but I’m not stupid or senile.”  — Joyce B.

The grandchild in need

“The e-mail or call you get supposedly from your grandchild in a foreign country who got robbed of all his money and is embarrassed to tell his parents, for fear he will get into trouble. Usually, the caller/e-mailer instructs the recipient to send the money by Western Union.” — Mary M.

Insurance scams

“Fraudulent insurance companies that do not actually exist, offering dental, optical, prescription coverage, and extended care policies. They ask for an initial upfront payment and then vanish. There are many legit companies who do provide these types of coverages, so you need to research before you submit any payment.”  — John K.

Credit card

“Callers promising to reduce the interest on your credit card or the amount you owe. They are looking for your credit card info…name on card and number.” –Pat V.

Inbox full

“I have received many e-mail warnings from the “Mail Team” stating that my e-mail in-box has reached it’s capacity of 1 GB and to click on a link or else I won’t be able to send or receive future e-mails.” —Donald B.

CUB wants to warn consumers to always be on alert for scams and rip-offs. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!  Be wary of anyone who asks for personal information (ID numbers, account numbers, birth dates) and anyone who pressures you into giving money upfront for a product or service. If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to say NO for the time being, so you can do your homework on a company or offer.

And be sure to check back here for future scam alerts and tips to protect yourself!