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End door-to-door sales!

20150902_DoorToDoor_enewsSick of alternative energy suppliers knocking at your door?  We are, too!

Illinois residents have the option of choosing their gas and electric suppliers.  With the lure of new customers, many alternative gas and electric suppliers have sent representatives through neighborhoods to try to attract business.

Having the freedom to choose your energy supplier can be a great thing.  Having your peace and quiet upset?  Not so much.

At CUB, we’ve received a barrage of complaints from consumers at wits’ end with the incessant door-to-door sales pitches. We’ve even heard of scam artists tricking people into giving out their account number—which can be used to change your energy company without your permission—or engaging in high-pressure sales tactics to switch a consumer’s service.

It’s time to slam the door.

Sign CUB’s petition to alternative gas and electric supply companies: End door-to-door solicitations!