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CUB’s summer vacation

20150831_victories_enews“You have made a tremendous difference in our lives. You made us feel like someone is looking out for the little guys.”

Two young parents, for whom CUB helped get the gas turned back on, said those kind words to us in a recent email.

We live for helping Illinois consumers, and it’s even more exciting when we look back at all we’ve achieved this summer:

1.) Helped negotiate $570,000 in consumer refunds
In two cases against alternative power suppliers, Nordic Energy ($310,800) and Major Energy ($262,500), CUB helped the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) and the Illinois Attorney General negotiate big payoffs for consumers who had allegedly been victims of misleading marketing and deceptive business practices.

2.) Held a record 60+ events in August
CUB’s outreach team hosted a record 60+ events in August to share money-saving advice, energy efficiency tips, and ripoff alerts with consumers across Illinois. (To check out where we’ll be next, see CUB’s event calendar.)

3.) Successfully pushed for veto of a bad water bill
More than 1,800 CUB Action Network members sent letters asking the General Assembly to oppose Senate Bill 1421— legislation that could have forced Illinois water customers to pay for services they never receive! The legislation passed, but CUB sent its analysis of the flawed bill to the governor, who vetoed it in August.

These victories come on the tail of our other big wins from earlier in the legislative session: We fought the Exelon rate-hike bill to a standstill, and we successfully pushed a new law that caps outrageous electric exit fees at $50.

We couldn’t do it without your support, so THANK YOU.