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Give a little bit of your time—to CUB!


Joe and Sarah from Chicago came to the CUB offices recently to help sort petitions that will ask legislators to support the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.

Looking for ways to give back? CUB’s Volunteer Program may be the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The program consists of consumers across the state who are interested in helping CUB’s Outreach team in and out of the office. Volunteers are asked to do a variety of tasks ranging from sorting and filing petitions to data entry to basic research.

Currently, volunteers are hard at work alphabetizing and sending out petitions in support of the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill and against the Exelon legislation. (Check out the picture to the right!)

Besides helping with important administrative tasks, volunteers also join the Outreach staff at events, where they distribute useful information and interact with event goers.

CUB’s Volunteer Program is only about a year old, but it’s already paid off. The extra hands allow the 10-member Outreach team to schedule more speaking engagements, tabling events and utility-bill checkups for Illinois consumers. In fact, thanks to volunteers, the Outreach Department held a record-breaking 60 money-saving events this past August.

Program heads Matt Harvey and Hilary Snover encourage consumers of all ages and backgrounds to sign up. Volunteers only need to live in the state—and believe in helping the everyday utility customer.

Interested? Give Matt or Hilary a call, at 1-800-669-5556, for more information about volunteering.