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Which power suppliers are earning the most complaints?


Shopping for electricity suppliers can be a minefield.

Illinois consumers need helpful tools to avoid confusing offers, bad deals, misleading marketing, and high-pressure sales tactics.

Fortunately, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) publishes an excellent resource: the Retailer Electric Supplier Scorecard. The scorecard reveals which suppliers are earning the highest and lowest complaint rates over the latest six-month period.  In the most recent edition, forty-one companies were compared and given a score ranging from five stars (the lowest complaint rate) to one star (the highest complaint rate.)

Here are the one-star companies, as of June 2015:

North American Power and Gas
Liberty Power
Santanna Energy Services
Consolidated Edison Solutions
Major Energy
PALMco Energy
Sperian (The ICC recently launched an investigation of Sperian after noticing an unusually high complaint rate.)

The scorecard shows how each of the electric suppliers’ rate of complaints compares to the average rate of complaints over six months for the entire residential market.  The ten companies mentioned above earned the highest rate of complaints from December 2014 to May 2015.

Click here to see the entire scorecard. Also, check out CUB’s helpful tools to navigate the electricity market: our electric choice fact sheets for Ameren and ComEd customers and CUB’s Power Calculator.