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Sick of robocalls?


Fight robocalls! Click on the image to send a message to Congress in support of the HANG UP Act.

Not long ago, Congress made headlines when it passed the federal Budget Act of 2015, avoiding a government shutdown. But a lot of people don’t know about a provision buried deep within the Act that allows robocalls to your cellphone!

The good news is a group of senators have proposed a solution that would repeal this terrible provision before it even takes effect.  Take action now to support the HANG UP Act.

Robocalls to your cellphone used to be illegal.  So what happened?

Congress recently passed the Budget Act of 2015.  A provision in the act authorizes debt collectors to robocall the cellphones of anyone with debt owed to or backed by the federal government, including student loans, federal mortgages and back taxes.

The new provision exempts robocalls from a previous Telephone Consumer Protection Act requirement that says callers must have consent from consumers before making auto-dialed or prerecorded calls.

Fortunately, we can fix this.  Some senators have proposed the HANG UP (Help Americans Never Get Unwanted Phone calls) Act. It would repeal the provision and once again protect our cellphones from robocalls. (Note: Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin is a co-sponsor of the HANG UP Act.)

But we have to act fast. Robocallers want access to your cellphone. Please, send a message to Illinois’ congressional delegation: Support the HANG UP Act and say NO to cellphone robocalls.