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Join CUB’s fight for consumer protections from electric rip-offs!


As the weather gets warmer, CUB handles more reports of shady electricity sales pitches. But now, door-to-door peddlers have reached a new low.

Earlier this summer, two people were arrested for trespassing after going door-to-door and trying to get residents of a Chicago apartment building to switch power suppliers. “Finally,” one customer said, reacting to the story. “It’s nice to see some action taken against these types of solicitations.”

Now, it’s your turn to take action!

CUB wants the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to pass stronger consumer protections as quickly as possible to keep working families and seniors safe from high-pressure pitches, misleading marketing and rip-offs.

For months, the ICC has been considering tougher marketing rules for alternative electric suppliers. Please, urge the ICC to vote ‘Yes’ on new protections.