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Marion man wins CUB’s cable giveaway

Thomas from Marion has just won $50 off his next cable bill. The 77 year old’s name was pulled from more than 3,000 people who responded, enthusiastically, to CUB’s Cable Quick Poll.

“It’s a long shot winning anything anymore, so I’m excited,” Thomas said. “But I’m still waiting to win that $300 million lotto.”

We know people were fed up with their cable bills, but we didn’t expect the strong reaction when we asked this question:

Would you support a proposal to create a Cable Bill of Rights with the following Pay TV industry reforms:

*Requires a-la-carte packages that only charge you for channels you choose.

*Requires companies to give bill credits to victims of poor service.

*Requires basic, low-cost “safe harbor” cable packages for people who want basic service.

*Requires special low-cost plans for senior citizens.

*Reduces excessive cable box fees.

Just under 99 percent said YES to the idea!

“I’ve said for a long time that seniors should have the option of a special package,” said Karen, of Franklin Park. “We don’t need all those cartoons and shopping channels, nor stations that duplicate the programs on others. That’s paying for the same thing twice.”

And our winner could not agree more with his fellow participants. The reform Thomas wanted most: a-la-carte packages.

“It’s disturbing that costs keep going up since a lot of the channels I pay for are absolute junk,” Thomas said.

We hear you, Thomas. That’s why CUB is exploring how to work for reform in the Pay TV industry.