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Make sure to order CUB’s free, money-saving guides (in honor of our 35th anniversary)

As part of CUB’s 35th anniversary celebration, we have spent 2019  producing a series of free, money-saving guides. If you haven’t already, please order these publications. We will immediately email you a free, printer-friendly copy. CUB’s Guide to Cutting Your TV Costs 10 Ways To Cut Smartphone Data Waste CUB’s Guide to Fighting Robocalls CUB’s Gas…...

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Tell Congress: Reform pay TV

In a quick poll CUB released last week, 98 percent of you showed support for a “Pay TV Customer’s Bill of Rights”! This week, we want to share those results with Illinois’ Congressional Delegation, and urge it to push for consumer protections for pay TV customers. Here’s the question we…...

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Sign our petition: Free us from cable box fees!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to break Pay TV’s hold on the traditional set-top box market. And that could be good news to customers, who pay about $20 billion each year to rent the boxes. The proposal developed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler could face a vote at a…...

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Marion man wins CUB’s cable giveaway

Thomas from Marion has just won $50 off his next cable bill. The 77 year old’s name was pulled from more than 3,000 people who responded, enthusiastically, to CUB’s Cable Quick Poll. “It’s a long shot winning anything anymore, so I’m excited,” Thomas said. “But I’m still waiting to win that $300…...

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