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35th Anniversary

CUB’s 2019 Year in Review: ‘These victories are your victories.’

In CUB’s 35th year fighting for consumers, we set a new record for staffing money-saving events, marked a historic legislative victory, and worked on cases that have the potential to secure $90 million in refunds, rate cuts and other consumer benefits. CUB Executive Director David Kolata said this work is…...

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Make sure to order CUB’s free, money-saving guides (in honor of our 35th anniversary)

As part of CUB’s 35th anniversary celebration, we have spent 2019  producing a series of free, money-saving guides. If you haven’t already, please order these publications. We will immediately email you a free, printer-friendly copy. CUB’s Guide to Cutting Your TV Costs 10 Ways To Cut Smartphone Data Waste CUB’s Guide to Fighting Robocalls CUB’s Gas…...

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A special announcement for you

As we celebrate CUB’s 35th anniversary, we have good news to share this month: A generous Illinois family has confirmed that it is giving us a second gift to match your contributions in memory of a loved one. In addition to helping fund 500 money-saving events (and free LEDs for…...

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Enter CUB’s Photo Challenge and you could win $100!

  Ready for a challenge that could win you $100? Enter our 35th Anniversary Photo Challenge! Snap a photo with this poster. You can include family members, like your kids or grandkids, a favorite family pet—or even an Illinois landmark. (The Chicago Bean? The Lincoln statue at the State Capitol?…...

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