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Show some love for landlines

The largest provider of telephone service in America will break the hearts of millions of Illinoisans if its plan to kill traditional home phone service is approved by state legislators.

This year the Illinois Telecommunications Act—important legislation that protects consumer rights—is up for review, and AT&T wants its dismantled.

The company is pushing two bills (Senate Bill 1381 and House Bill 2691) that would end home phone service throughout its territory in Illinois.

That’s why it’s important to show your state legislators how much you love home phone service this Valentine’s Day.

State legislators have the power to save this vital service, and protect some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens—including seniors, low-income families and rural residents—who still rely on home phone service as their most reliable and affordable connection to family, employment opportunities and emergency service likes 911.

But AT&T will not back down without a fight. The big telecom wants to push customers onto services that can be less reliable and more expensive—like cellphones or Internet phone service (i.e. VOIP).

Higher bills and unreliable service won’t warm our hearts—and state legislators need to know.

Make sure your state legislators get a Valentine, asking them to say NO to AT&T!