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Take Action: Energy Star on the chopping block

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The White House has released its official budget plan, and it calls for eliminating funding for Energy Star—an efficiency program that has cut utility bills by $430 billion.

The good news: You can help win this battle by putting pressure on Congress—where there’s already bipartisan support for efficiency. For example, Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has said she would oppose killing this popular program that saves consumers money.

Please keep sending messages to Congress and help us gain momentum.

Here’s why Energy Star—a program that identifies and promotes energy efficient products—should be left alone:

  • It has cut utility bills by $430 billion since it began in 1992.
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council says that for every dollar Americans invest in efficiency through Energy Star they save, on average, $4.50 on energy bills.
  • Big generators, such as Dynegy, hate efficiency because it cuts demand and lowers electricity prices for ALL consumers—even those who aren’t efficient.

Eliminating a smart program like Energy Star will lead to higher utility bills. Please urge Congress: Don’t kill Energy Star.