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Take action now! Tell the House—oppose or fix AT&T’s bill, SB 1839

AT&T is pushing state legislation (SB 1839) that would strip Illinois’ Telecom Act of key consumer protections, and eventually end traditional landline service for 1.2 million business and residential customers who still use it.

Here’s why you should oppose AT&T’s bill, even if you don’t have a landline:

  • It poses a public safety concern for people who depend on landlines as their most reliable connection to 911, medical monitoring services and home security systems. The legislation also would make current customers’ bills go up because it would eliminate the low-cost Consumer’s Choice calling plans.
  • It decimates the Illinois Telecom Act. That weakens Illinois’ authority to win big fixes for consumers, like improving broadband.
  • It does nothing to modernize AT&T’s network. Despite $58 billion in profits in the last five years, the phone giant says the requirement to provide landlines hinders its ability to upgrade the network. But not one provision in the legislation requires the company to do any upgrades.

The bill has passed the Illinois Senate and could be voted in the House any day now. Don’t let AT&T dictate Illinois’ telecom future!