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Future looks bright for solar in Illinois

By Martin Manov, CUB volunteer

The state’s new Community Solar program offers a bright and clean future for Illinois.

I, for one, have always been a strong advocate for clean energy and sustainability—and I’m not alone. “Going green” is a good investment, because it can lower energy costs and help preserve the environment. Renewables are the future and will be a big part of the 21st century economy—especially given recent developments in Illinois.

In the past, going solar meant having the right rooftop and money. Many people simply didn’t have the resources to install solar panels on their own home. However, the Future Energy Jobs Act, passed in December, breaks down barriers to solar. That means Illinois consumers will have access to affordable clean energy.

Community solar allows people to buy into a local solar project and benefit financially from the shared solar panels—even if they can’t have panels on their own roof. The community solar program and other renewable energy provisions in the act will make Illinois a leader in clean energy.

I look forward to joining a community solar project in my area. To me, “going green” means so much more than reduced utility costs. Ultimately, it’s an investment for our economy and for future generations. The recent policy advancements are good news for Illinois, and ultimately the world.

Please read CUB’s Community Solar fact sheet here.