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New milestone: $2.5 billion in consumer savings

CUB joined ComEd and Elevate Energy at the Shedd Aquarium today to celebrate an important milestone: $2.5 billion in consumer savings because of energy efficiency.

But this milestone is just one step on the path to even bigger savings to come for Illinois customers.

The Future Energy Jobs Act—historic energy legislation passed in December 2016—will make Illinois an efficiency leader by establishing one of the nation’s most ambitious plans for consumer savings.

How ambitious? By 2030, ComEd must expand and enhance efficiency programs to cut electricity waste by a record 21.5 percent.

“Illinois already has some of the lowest power bills in the Midwest because of energy efficiency, and with the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act, we urge ComEd to build on its efficiency success and help customers cut their power bills by billions of dollars more,” said CUB’s Executive Director David Kolata.

If energy usage does decline, residential customers could enjoy at least $4 billion in lower electric bills over the lifetime of the law—and that’s a big deal.

“The new law builds on what we are recognizing here today: energy efficiency works,” said Kolata.

Consumer advocates know there is nothing more important for consumers than energy efficiency and will continue to hold ComEd accountable until these goals are met.

In the meantime, examine ways to make your homes and businesses more efficient. Whether that’s taking advantage of efficiency programs or installing a smart thermostat. Just know ever little bit helps lower prices!

CUB’s Executive Director David Kolata gathered with ComEd and Elevate Energy to celebrate $2.5 billion in energy savings.