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Are you getting these robocalls?

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has called on the FCC to fight the robocalls, specifically ones that go straight to consumers’ voicemail. The FCC recently levied its highest fine ever against someone conducting the calls.

Have you had this robocall nuisance hit your phone?

Just last week, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to fight “ringless voicemails”—robocalls that go straight to your voicemail box. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said: “We’ll take a look.”

“With billions of robocalls made to cellphones each year, the feds should be doing more to rein in annoying telemarketers, not throw gas on the problem and add fuel to cellphone spam,” Schumer said.

A ringless message company, All About The Message, LLC, had previously petitioned the FCC for the ability to leave ringless voicemails without prior consent from people. But the company has since withdrawn its petition after scrutiny from politicians.

Back in April, we sent federal regulators 2,900 petition signatures urging them to fight “spoofed” robocalls. (Robocalls that alter Caller ID to get you to pick up.)

This summer, the FCC proposed its highest fine ever ($120 million) against a robocall scheme. Get this: A Miami man allegedly made a million “spoofed” robocalls a day to peddle vacation packages and timeshares.

The FCC estimates that last year Americans received about 2.4 billion robocalls a month!