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Support HB 4819: The fight for net neutrality moves to Illinois

We’ve all read the grim headlines: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered “net neutrality” rules to end on April 23.

That’s bad news because those consumer protections help keep the Internet affordable and uncensored. But the good news is we have a chance to save net neutrality in Illinois—if enough people fight for a new bill in Springfield.

House Bill 4819, the Broadband Procurement and Disclosure Act, would require Internet providers who do business with the state to commit to honoring net neutrality principles for everyone in Illinois. Several states are pushing similar bills, led by Washington state, which just signed into law the most sweeping net neutrality protections in the country. 

There are several challenges to the FCC’s move, but the states are a key battleground. HB 4819 is a great opportunity for Illinois, but big Internet providers are working hard to kill it. That’s why we need YOU to act NOW.