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Fight HB 4508 (BAD water bill)

We need your help to defeat House Bill 4508—legislation in Springfield that could raise water rates for a lot of Illinois consumers.

Back in 2013, the General Assembly passed legislation that allowed the state’s biggest private water companies (Illinois American Water and Aqua Illinois) to automatically raise their existing customers’ rates to bankroll the purchase of municipal water systems.

Five years later, that bill is up for renewal—and the water companies are pushing to make a bad idea even worse. HB 4508 would no longer limit the size of the water system those companies could buy.

Why do we oppose this bill? Because privatization is a REALLY bad idea. When the nation’s biggest private water companies get their hands on municipal water systems they often raise rates.

HB 4508 will allow Aqua and Illinois American to crisscross the state aggressively buying up municipal systems. Private water means profit.

Please, tell your representative to vote NO on HB 4508.