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Advocates push for cutting $18.8 million off Illinois American Water rate-hike request

CUB argues that Illinois’ biggest private water company is pushing for an exorbitant profit rate for its shareholders, and its $100 million rate-hike request should be reduced by nearly 20 percent.   The consumer watchdog group co-sponsored testimony from Christopher Walters, an expert on water regulatory issues with Brubaker & Associates,…...

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Need to call your utility? Here’s a list of utility hotlines

Your utility bills will always list a number you can call if you need to reach the company that provides you with service. But if you don’t have your bill handy, CUB compiled a list. Utility hotlines ComEd: Residential: 1-800-EDISON-1 (1-800-334-7661) Spanish: 1-800-95-LUCES (1-800-955-8237) Business: 1-877-4-COMED-1 (1-877-426-6331) Emergencies: 1-800-334-7661 Payment arrangements and credit issues; 1-800-334-7661…...

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UPDATE: BAD water bill HB 4508 moves to Senate

House Bill 4508 has passed the Illinois House of Representatives and moves to the state Senate. We need your help to defeat this legislation, which allows big water companies to expand while customers foot the bill. CUB opposes this bill: When the nation’s biggest private water companies get their hands…...

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Fight HB 4508 (BAD water bill)

We need your help to defeat House Bill 4508—legislation in Springfield that could raise water rates for a lot of Illinois consumers. Back in 2013, the General Assembly passed legislation that allowed the state’s biggest private water companies (Illinois American Water and Aqua Illinois) to automatically raise their existing customers’…...

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