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Update: Illinois utilities sharing $350 million in tax savings with customers

CUB’s legal team and other consumer advocates were busy in the first few months of the year working to make sure Illinois utilities rightfully shared their newfound tax savings with customers. As a result, customers will see $350 million in lower rates. Due to legislation passed in Washington late last…...

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From the Desk of David Kolata: CUB Executive Director’s New Year Report

This report is a thanks and tribute to CUB’s supporters. You are working for a better Illinois, and I’m grateful to you. I know it’s easy to get discouraged these days, but remember that you are part of an Illinois success story. Together, here’s what we accomplished in 2017: Legal/Policy:…...

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From the CUB archives: Great moments in “customer service”

This 2005 letter is in our Hall of Fame of goofy customer service. The poor guy was one of many in Orland Park to complain about skyrocketing water bills–and Illinois-American Water said his grass was too green!...

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Help Julie and Christie fight rate hikes!

CUB has launched its annual consumer campaign in June to rally Illinoisans against billions of dollars in rate hikes. We hope every community in Illinois signs our Rate-hike Fighters Petition. Take a look at the rate-hike battles  CUB General Counsel Julie Soderna and Senior Attorney Christie R. Hicks are juggling before…...

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CUB wants to know: What do YOU think is IL’s biggest rate-hike battle?

This week marks the beginning of our statewide Consumer Campaign. All month, we’ll be asking Illinois consumers to stand with our tiny legal team and fight billions of dollars in rate-hike battles. But first we want to get your opinion on what battle is most important to you. Vote here…...

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CUB: Cut water rate hike by 60%

Expert testimony filed by CUB and other groups found that Illinois American Water’s $43 million rate-hike request should be slashed by more than 60 percent. “The expert testimony clearly shows that Illinois American’s rate-hike proposal is bloated,” CUB Executive Director David Kolata said. “Among other things, the analysis reveals that…...

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