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Tell big TV companies: Be truthful with your customers!

Big companies like AT&T and Comcast like to jack up our TV/internet bills by slapping us with sneaky fees. These add-ons have official-sounding names like “regional sports fee” or “broadcast TV surcharge,” but don’t be fooled: These are NOT government charges!

These company-imposed fees allow big corporations to hide the true cost of their service. It’s maddening because our bills keep going up—even if the advertised rate of our TV/internet package stays the same.

Enough is enough. Please, join a nationwide campaign to expose this practice, and put pressure on these companies to be transparent and truthful with their customers.

P.S. With the end of net neutrality protections this week, the big TV/internet giants think they’ve won. Now more than ever it’s important to fight unfair TV/internet bills. Consumers can win—as long as we don’t quit.