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[Call to Action] These Scams Must End

You can help us right a wrong in Illinois. Check out this list of terrible gas supplier deals CUB found consumers paying at one of our utility-bill clinics this year.

$1.32 per therm (312% higher than utility rate at the time)
$1.16 per therm (262% higher than utility rate at the time)
70¢ per therm (118% higher than utility rate at the time)

This isn’t right. The suppliers pitch so-called competition as the best way to cut your bills. But we know better. Too often people who go with alternative suppliers get taken for a ride.

Last year, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) passed stronger rules to protect against electric supplier rip-offs. Now, CUB and other consumer advocates are pushing for the same or stronger safeguards for gas customers.

But the suppliers are at the ICC too. In the past they’ve argued that the ICC doesn’t have the authority to pass protections—so we need to continue to advocate for consumers.

Visit CUB’s special petition page to see what protections we’re fighting for and to sign your name with other Illinoisans who are taking a stand against predatory gas companies.